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aggregate retirement readiness report

measuring the overall retirement readiness of your workforce
step one

Measuring retirement readiness must begin with a full evaluation of how well participants are using the plan. Our Aggregate Retirement Readiness Report provides Plan Sponsors with a funding sufficiency analysis that measures plan and participant success in income replacement terms, and shows how effectively participants are using plan features to generate retirement income.

how it helps:
  1. Provides a “top-down” view of projected funding success, aggregated at the plan level – how many of your employees are actually “on track” to maintain their same standard of living during their retirement years.

  2. Analyzes how many of your participants are contributing enough to achieve a successful retirement outcome.

  3. Shows how many participants are above, below, or at their recommended asset allocation target, and focuses on corrective action.

  4. Checks for over-diversification and overlap in equity securities.

  5. Reports investment behavior metrics at the plan level and identifies areas of strength and improvement opportunities.

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