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a smarter way to (k)

a smarter way,

starts today.

With an intellicents bioni(k) managed account, you can personalize your retirement to be all about you.​


of plans use target date funds as a QDIA -  and many participants stay in that option1

BUT should all 45-year-olds be invested exactly the same way? Or for that matter, all 30-year-olds?

welcome to the evolution of in-plan participant advice.

how is this different than a target date fund?

single variable  vs. a dozen variables

automatically collected

participant provided

bringing a financial planning approach to your (k)

more than just asset allocation

A custom retirement savings strategy that provides:

plan savings rate recommendation

personalized asset allocation

taking into account both your current plan AND outside assets

retirement withdrawal strategies

Social Security optimization

the measurable impact of managed accounts

50% higher savings rates2

based on 6% deferral rate for managed account user vs. 4% for a target date fund investor

63% more

consistent returns3

less variation in returns for managed account users vs. do-it-yourself investors

people smarts


great tech


a smarter way to (k)

1 Callan Institute, "2018 Defined Contribution Trends."

2 Morningstar Investment Management. The Impact of the Default Investment Decision on Participant Deferral Rates: Managed Accounts vs. Target Date Funds 2016.

3 Advised Assets Group, LLC (AAG), Internal Rate of Return (IROR) All Segments Study, 2017. The participant return distribution included in this study is used to illustrate the difference between those participants within the 90th percentile and the 10th percentile to preserve statistical integrity of the data reported. Refer to the study for additional disclosures and methodologies. 

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