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"Corona Crash" 

survival kit

intellicent tools to get you through today’s rough investment journey

Feeling lost?  Wondering which way to go?  What the “Corona Crash” has taught us all, is those who have a plan don’t just dream, they make it happen by being better prepared for the rough investment roads.  Here are some time-tested directions to help you navigate these uncertain times and make sure your dream plan is still on track to become a reality.

are you ready for the next step?

financial plans for every single employee.

fund your financial goals with everyday purchases

cash-back on both local and online spending directly into your 401(k)

road map
stay on road.jpg

stay on the road

following a long-term road map can pay off.


don't touch your face

what NOT to do in today's market.


don't abandon your journey

keep climbing towards your permanent vacation.


avoid potentially hazardous shortcuts

many shortcuts have a price greater than the award


weatherproof your ride

the investment markets are going to go through seasons.


giving directions to the right road for you

the great investment journey


choose your own adventure

how do you want to spend the trip?


take emotions out of your investment journey

market alerts, financial programs, and breaking news headlines can be triggering...


putting your contributions on cruise control

dollar cost averaging.


rebalancing your journey

put your risk level on auto-pilot


create a memorable ride

dealing with peaks and valleys on a long trip.


welcome to dream-based investing

a holistic path to your financial future.


the best investors are good fisherman

how to swim upstream during this bear market.


intellicent insight from

our CEO on COVID-19

Coronavirus – the evolution of

our thinking…..and approach.

Team Page 3_edited.jpg

an important note from intellicents on COVID-19

what we’re doing to keep our intellicents team healthy while still focusing on both the financial and overall well-being of our clients.


enduring inflation

peaks and recessions

why are the costs of goods and

services rising?

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