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dream based investing

personal financial management

welcome to dream-based investing

what's your dream?

Starting your own business? Sending your child to college? Living out your day dreams once your working days are behind you?


It all starts with a dream, and we never want you to question the motives behind our recommendations for making that dream a reality. That is why we encourage you to adopt our fundamental fiduciary approach centered on removing all potential conflicts of interest from our relationship with you. By so doing, you'll never wonder if our recommendations will be in the best interest of your dreams because we get paid the same no matter where your money is invested.

Have you ever wondered about the following regarding your current broker/advisor?

Do you have access to the entire universe of investment vehicles, or only those that pay your broker a commission?

What are you paying your current broker/advisor?

Is your current broker/advisor acting as a fiduciary in the best interest of your dreams or their own dreams?

you won't have to guess with us...

transparency is here. 

those who plan, don't just dream

...they make it happen. Our process is designed to help you turn the dreamiest of dreams into an unreal reality.

step one

dream plan

step six

dream review & updates

step five 

stay the course

step two



step three



step four

control costs

the right mix

get the right mix

Investing is like cooking. Think about the different types of investment asset classes or funds as the ingredients in your favorite recipe. How they are all mixed together is the asset allocation that fits your taste for risk and return expectations.

asset allocation strategy
control the costs

we can't control the markets...

...but we can help you control the costs.

The one sure way to improve investment performance is to lower management costs

at intellicents, we have made this a priority.

stay cool

The investment markets are going to go through different seasons. Unlike the seasonal changes that routinely occur during our calendar year, however, these seasonal investment rotations are difficult to predict consistently. 

Our job is to help you define your dreams, weatherproof your investment portfolio by diversification appropriate to your dream timeline, and then keep you on that plan when the weather in the financial market gets tough. 

our mind is on your money

Our dream team applies everything we’ve learned over 30 years of managing retirement plan money to the individual investor. We’re always asking ourselves questions on your behalf.

  • Are you on track to realize your dreams?

  • Are your investments meeting their appropriate benchmarks for risk, return, and cost?

  • Is your asset allocation meeting your risk and return expectations?

  • Are you getting value for the services we are providing you?

Under our transparent service delivery model, you will always know the status of turning your dreams into a reality, the risks that you are taking, the relative performance your investments are achieving, the investment costs you are incurring, and how much you are paying us to help you make it real. 

people smarts supported by cutting-edge technology

Our staff of financial professionals will quarterback the entire process for you with the ultimate goal of finding you reasonably-priced investments that take the least amount of risk to make your dreams a reality. They will be supported not only by our internal research and administrative systems, but also by contemporary technology solutions designed to create efficiencies and put more knowledge and information in your hands. 

dream team services
  • One place to aggregate all your financial accounts

  • Electronic vault to store all your important documents so that you always have them handy

  • Self-help financial calculators so that you can always know how your dream plan is progressing

  • Advanced financial planning services from our team of financial professionals

  • Integrated money management solution

  • Investment selection

  • Asset allocation

  • Automatic rebalancing

  • Low cost ETF investment management

  • Online investment advice tool

  • Flexible distribution options

  • Tax Loss Harvesting

  • Advanced financial planning services from our team of financial professionals

dream team services



& risk

employee benefits

investment management

tax planning

retirement planning

retirement income planning

estate planning

make it real

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