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finally, a low-cost 401(k) that reduces our risk.

benefits & the CFO

ONE RESOURCE For All Your Employee Benefits

"Look at all this risk! Is it really sensible for us to take it all on alone?"

We can make your benefits costs predictable. In addition, we can take all the fiduciary responsibility of selecting and monitoring the investment funds in your retirement plan off your shoulders.

In addition, we can even help you identify the hidden liability of the cost of delayed retirement and solutions to that problem.


"Can we better control the cost of this program?"

We can actually help you save money four ways:

  1. BUNDLING – The more employee benefits services you put with us, the more your potential savings.  Think the cable company.

  2. EFFICIENCIES – Our allmybenefits® shopping center not only gets rid of paper enrollment forms, but can also send enrollment information electronically to your HRIS, insurance carriers, and benefit providers – streamlining your benefits program administration and helping your HR department go paperless.   

  3. PLAN DESIGN – We can show you how taking a “Defined Contribution” approach to your entire employee benefits program can not only give your predictable benefits costs, but save you money.

  4. BENCHMARKING – By comparing your costs against industry averages we can negotiate your current carriers and benefit providers lower. For example, we have helped other employers just like you cut administrative fees on their 401(k) by over 50%.

"Our employees have no idea how much we spend on benefits!"

Employees don’t understand their employer’s contribution, and see the benefit offerings as limited. Our allmybenefits® shopping center shows employees how much money you provide them to purchase the benefits that they need, AND the total cost of each benefit option that you provide. People spend money more wisely when it’s their own.  

"I'm tired of the annual juggle of health care costs!"​

Every year you either pay more, change carriers and plans, limit coverage, or shift costs to employees. We will help you set a “Benefits Budget”, put together a menu of benefits to offer to your employees, and then work with your employees to help them control their budget by providing them with intellisteps . Once again, people spend money more wisely when it’s their own.

"Our employees don't have the knowledge, education, or experience to make all these benefit decisions."​

Your employees will be provided a Personal Benefits Shopper through our allmybenefits® shopping center  Your employees answer a few questions about their health, finances, and personality, and receive a personal recommendation on a benefits package that fits their needs.  In addition, our team of experienced advisors will provide one-on-one consultations to assist your people with their benefits questions.

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