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benefits & the employee

ONE RESOURCE For All Your Employee Benefits

"I have very little choice in what my benefits are. I can't put together a program that fits my family's needs."

We offer “a better way” to take care of your benefits needs:

  • Your employer will give you a set amount of money to buy benefits.

  • Our allmybenefits® shopping center provides a robust menu of benefits to choose from, and makes it easy for you to personalize a benefits portfolio to get the right coverage for the right price.

  • Your Personal Benefits Shopper recommends a unique portfolio of plans based on your health, wealth, and personality.

  • You can fill your shopping cart with products recommended by your Personal Benefits Shopper, or you can choose your own.

  • We put control of personal decisions in your hands, but give both technology and in-person help to make your choices.


"I can't afford the health plan that I currently have."

Our allmybenefits® shopping center offers you a number of health plan options – plans that provide  good coverage with low deductibles, and plans that have low premiums with higher deductibles. Use our “Tell Me More” education resource hub to view articles, videos, and FAQs that explain insurance terms without jargon. Fill out the questionnaire and your Personal Benefits Shopper will recommend a plan that fits your health, wealth, and personality. Meet with us in person, or call us to get all your questions answered.

"Do I really need disability insurance? Is dental insurance really worth the money? How much life insurance do I need to protect my family?

Your allmybenefits® shopping center Private Benefits Shopper will recommend a benefits package that fits all you benefits need. 

"I have elected a high deductible health plan that is HSA eligible. How do I open up a HSA?​

Our allmybenefits® shopping center can help you start an HSA.

"Should I put money in my HSA or more in my 401(K)? How should I invest my 401(K) money?

Our advisors can help you with these types of questions, either in person or over the phone.


"Isn't there someone who can help me with all my benefits decisions?

We can do that for you. Use intellisteps to give us a complete picture of your financial situation. We can then put together a complete financial plan for you. 

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