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the intellicent way to manage your 401(k)

 Too often employers spend their 401(k) dollars in the wrong place - expensive money managers. The intellicent way to allocate your resources is to reduce investment management fees and use a portion of those savings to items that will provide a significant rate of return toward your employee's financial freedom - education and advice. The intelli(k) way also offers plan consulting, and can often reduce investment management expenses by as much as 50%. Such a reduction in costs may also help insulate you from fiduciary liability given the current litigation surrounding plan fees.

Start investing your dollars saved on tools and services that actually drive positive outcomes and help solve the retirement crisis one participant at a time.

the right track


Source: Center for Retirement Research at Boston College:
The National Retirement Risk Index,
“NRRI Update Shows Half Still Falling Short” – December 2014


of Americans are at risk

to not have enough income for retirement.

retirement plan consulting chart
retirement plan consulting chart
the way

the intellicent way

The typical plan sponsor approach has underperformed over time, so intellicents turned the process on it's head and developed a 5 step process that's proven to help participants reach real success.  

step 1

step 1

set goals

Adopt the intellicent definition of plan success: 75% of participants on-track to maintain their same standard of living during retirement. 




Plan design auto features help plan sponsors reach the 90-10-90 goal. 

step 2

reduce plan cost

lower fund expenses

benchmark and negotiate admin fees

behavioral finance




plan design

step 2

step 3

participant education and advice

intellicentsu financial wellness planning
  • total financial wellness program

  • annual retirement readiness reports

  • employee educational group meetings

  • employee 1-on-1 advice meetings

  • annual pre-retirement planning seminars

  • call center staffed by CFPs

step 3

step 4

financial planning + advice tools

  • contribution modeling reports

  • custom model portfolio asset allocation services

  • online advice

  • custom target date funds

  • allmymoney financial wellness app

  • 1-on-1 in-person advice

  • CFP hotline

  • retirement income planning

  • intellicent digital advisor

  • financial planning services

step 4

step 5

survey participants to identify areas of financial concern and opportunities for education.

evaluate outcomes

monitor progress toward plan-level 90-10-90 plan participant goals.

calculate each participant’s probability of success and monitor aggregate outcomes by age and income.

step 5

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