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your first step to financial health

our passion

...the Underserved

The typical American worker gets the vast majority of their financial needs taken care of at work by their employer’s compensation and benefits programs. Just think about it...

  • Their income

  • Their retirement plan, most likely a 401(k) or 403(b)

  • Health, dental, vision, disability, and life insurance benefits

  • Health Savings Accounts and Medical Reimbursement flex plans

  • Dependent care

  • Voluntary benefits including identity theft, critical illness, and accident coverage

The decision support matrix of these benefits is converging, necessitating ONE RESOURCE for all your participants’ questions. And these are no longer just benefits questions, but rather they are financial planning issues.

financial planning as an employee benefit?


retirement, health, and wealth are all converging in the employee benefits space, with worksite financial wellness programs being the mortar that holds them all together.


are you ready?


that actually works.

a worksite financial wellness program

To truly be successful, these programs must be much more than pretty technology solutions focusing merely on education and attached to a 401(k) recordkeeping platform that prompts less than 10% of its participants to take any action. But rather, they must coordinate people smarts with great technology that immediately engages the participant, motivates them to add additional information, and provides direct access to professional advisors for actual advice when desired.


what we do

The wealth management industry is addressing these financial wellness issues for owners, upper management, and the affluent. But this same industry acknowledges that they have little time or interest in providing this service for the 99% of Americans that they openly refer to as “the underserved.”

Unlike most advisory firms who just want to work with the wealthiest 1% of Americans, intellicents’ passion is to also help the 99% that compose the core of the American workforce. Toward this end, intellicents has put together a growing team of professionals to provide four core services:

  • Retirement plan services at both the plan and participant level

  • Personal financial management

  • Group insurance

  • Financial wellness education and advice to employers and individuals

...all supported by people smarts and great technology, with the end goal of helping the American worker make their dreams real.


a financial plan for every participant.

now, look at what we give 'em...

Want to know how to engage your participants in a worksite financial wellness program that encourages behavior changes around money? With a download of employee census data including just age and wage, we can provide participants via app or hardcopy a ROBO foundational financial plan detailing their...

  • necessary emergency fund for the unexpected

  • guidelines for a family budget

  • maximum total recommended debt level

  • life insurance needs to protect against untimely death

  • retirement needs to maintain the same lifestyle as they are accustomed to during their working career

plus, using the app they can...

  • link all their financial accounts for a view of their total financial picture

  • complete money challenges that help them learn better spending and saving habits

  • receive targeted messaging regarding their identified financial issues

  • search an extensive library of articles and videos regarding their financial interests

  • communicate directly with an intellicents advisor for personal assistance, advice, and even an integrated comprehensive financial plan

And you have access to a Plan Sponsor dashboard providing an aggregated view of the overall financial health of your workforce and easy-to-read utilization metrics.


plus we provide a coordinated education campaign to meet your participants where they are at.

  • in-person group meetings

  • one-on-one advice

  • videos and webinars

  • #800 financial hotline 

  • email

  • digital app

...and addressing your participants top-of-mind financial issues, such as:
  • budgeting

  • debt management

  • emergency savings

  • life insurance

  • retirement planning

  • retirement income

  • social security/medicare

  • investment management

  • major expense planning

  • tax planning

  • estate planning

  • employee benefits

  • HSA maximization

  • charitable giving


still need more?

financial planning onsite

or by appointment with an intellicents advisor


age 25 to 54


age 55 to 64

said it was somewhat or very attractive.

73% of employees age 25 to 54 find it somewhat or very attractive if their employer offered holistic financial planning and advice as an employee benefit; and 66% of workers age 55 to 65 find it somewhat or very attractive.

integrated comprehensive financial plan

Our intellisteps app provides all participants a look at the basics that form the foundation of their financial health.  For those that desire to fill in ALL the financial details, we can also provide them an integrated comprehensive financial plan!  This gives your employees direct access to intellicents advisors that will work with them to develop a personalized plan!

So whether their dream is to buy that second home, send their kids to college, get that new fishing boat, go on that dream vacation, start their own business, develop a systematic charitable giving program, or just to live out their daydreams once their working days are behind them, intellicents can be by their side every step of the way… helping to make their dreams REAL.

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are you ready for the next step?

Investment advisory services offered through intellicents investment solutions, inc., an SEC registered investment adviser.

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