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albert lea, mn


Hi, I’m Ginger!


Part Wilma Flinstone, part Jessica Rabbit, not quite either, I have become intellicents’ iconic brand mascot not just due to my firey hair or cute freckled face. I’m relatable. I’m funny, but more goofy aunt than brand mascot. Think Flo from Progressive, the GEICO Gecko, Jake from State Farm, Mayhem from Allstate, or the AFLAC Duck. That’s me for intellicents, except our prices are too low to put me on TV. Those other folks and animals are all just scaly, quackable, and fake hair anyways.


I’m here to humanize employee benefits, something that can feel pretty impersonal. Employee benefits often don’t feel like benefits at all because they are never easy and far from human to understand. But I’m the kind of person you would hope to get as your “tour guide” to help you get through the employee benefits jungle.


In July 2019, I was promoted to head tour guide of intellicents university. Unlike your typical and boring college informational brochure, I attract our students (a.k.a. clients) through my famous Doritos direct-mail marketing campaign. It may be a real “cheesy attempt” to get appointments, but I often leave people hungry for more. NACHO typical approach to employee benefits, right?


To satisfy your appetite, every Tuesday expect a “Ginger Snap” from me. No, not the molasses tasting cookie your grandma makes -- an informative educational LinkedIn post or email on a financial wellness topic that will serve as your brain food for the week.


Then look out for T.G.I.F. – “Thank Ginger It’s Friday” – where my goal is to send you into the weekend with a smile and thanking Ginger it’s Friday. Who knows…it could be an interview with another ginger from intellicents (we have a bunch of them), or a world-famous ginger (Meghan Markle would certainly trust me with Prince Harry), my favorite song from a famous ginger crooner (♪ “I’m thinking out loud” ♪), or a great ginger recipe that actually tastes good or is good for you -- I swear, I eat more than just Doritos.


If you’d ever like to grab a ginger beer and have a chat, I’m here to make the complex and boring world of employee benefits easier and a lot more fun, so get ready to talk about anything from FSAs and HSAs to RIAs and VIPS or perhaps something completely off-the-wall and unexpected.


You can tag along to see what I do next by following the intellicents LinkedIn page here. Be the 1,000th person to follow us and win a prize that is far from “cheesy.” After all, this is supposed to be fun, right?

education & certifications

Ginger graduated from intellicents university with a BA in Worksite Financial Wellness, Marketing, and Communications.


Activities and Societies:

  • President of Prince Harry's Fan Club

  • Financial Freedom Advocacy Group

  • Gingers and Friends Support Group

  • Spicy Cooking 101

  • Quidditch Club

my idea of

living the dream

Free sunscreen for all red heads. To one day be on the big screen with my fellow competitors—Flo, AFLAC duck, GIECO gecko, and Mayhem.

dream job

this is my

Spreading the word/knowledge of the genetic phenomena of red hair, the importance of becoming financially fit, and making employee benefits fun.

this is how i

make it real

Watching movies and TV shows with red headed leads, listening to my fellow ging Ed Sheeren, active president of Prince Harry’s fan club, whipping up healthy carrot/ginger based recipes in the kitchen, coaching Quidditch at intellicents university, and applying loads of sunscreen to enjoy the Minnesota lakes.

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