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step four

participant retirement readiness report

are your employees actually on track to have enough money to retire?

How much will they need? We fundamentally believe that our core mission is to assist your plan participants in achieving successful retirement outcomes – defined as maintaining the same standard of living during retirement as accustomed to during one’s working career.

To accomplish this objective, a participant must accumulate a retirement balance large enough, in conjunction with retirement benefits received from Social Security and outside assets, to replace 75% to 100% of his/her ending wage, depending on income.

how it helps:

Each year we will provide your participants a personalized Retirement Readiness Report projecting their monthly income needs at retirement, the amount of monthly income they may expect to receive from Social Security, the calculated amount they are on track to receive from your retirement plan, and what can be done to make up any projected shortfall.

are they getting that today?
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