reason #1: paternalism

If you treat your employee or colleague to some delicious ice cream, you immediately pick their flavor, right? After all, as the saying goes, “Mother, father, and EMPLOYER knows best.” Wait, is that right? We at intellicents believe in employee empowerment. Individuals should be able to have the freedom to define their own ‘flavor’ profile for benefits. For employers who understand the value of giving up some of the benefit decisions to their employees, our all my benefits Bright Choices Exchange is a perfect fit! It provides a way to give employees with more options, and if they are unsure of which benefit ‘flavors’ to pick there are tools to help them make good benefit decisions. When it comes to picking out the best package of benefits that suits the employee and their family’s needs, the saying goes, “Employee knows best.” After all, it’s the intellicent way.

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