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Benefits and the HR Professional: Take 2

...How Can We Help?

"My head's spinning. You're saying employee education doesn't have to come through me?"

Not only does our allmybenefits® Bright Choices® Exchange provide decision support tools for your employees, but our experienced licensed staff will come onsite to assist your employees with all of their employee benefits questions and decisions.

"If only I had specs that could see through all this paperwork."

Our Bright Choices Exchange gets rid of paper enrollment forms; PLUS it can automatically transfer enrollment information to your HRIS and participating insurance carriers and benefits providers. This enrollment administrative support includes not only open enrollment time, but also new hires, and terminations, as well as mid-year changes due to life events. In addition we will simplify your monthly billing by providing a consolidated invoice for most of your insurance products.

"I'm elbows deep in enrollment season. You're telling me there's a way to simplify the process?"

Our allmybenefits® Bright Choices® Exchange provides your employees a Personal Benefits Shopper. Your employees answer a few questions about their health, finances, and personality, and receive a personal recommendation on a benefits package that will fit their needs for the next year. AND….. Bright Choices is not just for benefits enrollment. At any time during the year, your employees can log in and:

  • Access plan information

  • Track and manage their health care expenses

  • Reference education material

  • Make changes to benefits due to life events such as marriage, birth, and adoption.

"Is there someone out there that can actually help my people?"​

Tired of having to pull your people off their jobs for multiple group meetings and one-on-ones for their insured benefits and then your retirement benefits? Wouldn’t it be nice to have ONE organization that can help your employees with all their benefit needs? We can!

intellicents...ONE RESOURCE For All Your Employee Benefits

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