Happy 2nd Anniversary, intellicents!

intellicents is officially two years old. We founded the organization by re-branding our 42-year-old company and adopting a business plan to create a national independent financial services firm centered on the employee benefit relationship.

We'd like to share our progress towards making our dreams REAL with you...

Unlike most advisory firms who just want to work with the wealthiest 1% of Americans, intellicents’ passion is to also help the 99% that compose the core of the American workforce. They most likely are your next-door neighbors, the parents of your kid’s friends that you sit next to at junior high and high school sporting events, your fishing buddy, members of your church, your golf or bowling partners, your book club, and your close friends that you enjoy long walks and conversation with.

But just think about it…this typical American worker gets the vast majority of their financial needs taken care of at their place of employment:

  • Their income

  • Their retirement plan, most likely a 401(k) or 403(b)

  • Health, dental, vision, disability, and life insurance benefits

  • Health Savings Accounts and Medical Reimbursement flex plans

  • Dependent care

  • Voluntary benefits including identity theft, critical illness, and accident coverage

Consider now the decisions your employees have to make every year at benefits enrollment time. The decision support matrix of these benefits is converging, necessitating ONE RESOURCE for all your employees’ questions. And these are no longer just benefits questions, but rather they are financial planning issues.

The wealth management industry is addressing these issues for owners, upper management, and the affluent. But this same industry acknowledges that they have little time or interest in providing this service for the 99% of Americans that they openly refer to as “the underserved.”

Toward this end, intellicents has put together a growing team of professionals to provide four core services – retirement plan services at both the plan and participant level, personal financial management, financial wellness education and advice to employers and individuals, and group insurance…all supported by people smarts and great technology, with the end goal of helping the American worker make their dreams real.

Our goal is to put intellicents personal financial management offices in places where we have a large population of 401(k) and 403(b) participants; and to start retirement and group insurance offices in locations where we currently have no market penetration. The firm has grown from three locations to seven, including the most recent in Des Moines and Pella, Iowa and Tacoma, Washington; with our advisor team now totaling 21. Other 2019 targets include offices in Denver, Dallas, Houston, Detroit, Orlando, Boston, Chicago, Sioux Falls, and Milwaukee, with two pending announcements imminent.

Assets under advisement are approaching $4 billion; and personal financial management assets under advisement have grown 500%. Added leadership and investment support personnel include:

  • President of Retirement Plan Services

  • President of Personal Financial Management

  • Chief Compliance Officer

  • Chief Investment Officer for Retirement Plan Services

  • Chief Investment Officer for Personal Financial Management

Technology rollouts over the last two years have included our allmymoney financial wellness app, our “intellicents bionic advisor” robo, allmybenefits marketplace, and the (k) series custom target date funds.

Award highlights include a third client of ours being recognized as a Plan Sponsor of the Year in 2018, and our Brand Anthem, "what's your dream?" being named "Best in Social Video" at the 39th Annual Telly Awards.

Beside the further office expansions, initiatives for the upcoming year include the recruitment of a President of Group Insurance Services, the formal rollout of our intellicents university financial wellness curriculum for employers and individuals, a 401(k) managed account solution, implementation of the Tamarac Portfolio Management system across all locations, addition of an actively managed mutual fund option to the intellicents bionic advisor, additional implementations of our allmybenefits marketplace, and expanded introduction of financial planning services to business clients and their employees.

And now, in the spirit of grace and giving of this holiday season, we would like to thank you for your support, advocacy, collaboration, and input. We have had a remarkable first two years that confirmed the validity of the path we are on. This business plan was put together based on the insight and feedback we receive from clients and valued business partners. From this we identified a real need to not only assist the wealthiest 1% with their financial goals, but to help the typical American “get their financial house in order.” That is our mission here at intellicents, and we invite other like-minded advisors and employers to join us in this crusade to put together a process to “overserve the underserved.”

All our very best,

Bradley K. Arends, Co-Founder & CEO Grant S. Arends, Co-Founder & President


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