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the four-letter word of your financial health...debt!

Time to look at your current debt load. Your monthly home mortgage/rent payments, student loans, credit card payments, or monthly payments on any other outstanding loans should not exceed 36% of your pretax monthly income. To help figure this out, you can download an intellicents "Debt Snowball" spreadsheet that we use with our financial planning clients here:

Debt Snowball Payoff
Download XLSX • 48KB

So, what can you do if your monthly debt payments are more than 36% of your pretax monthly income?

Let’s start with your credit cards, as those are the easiest way for non-essential debt to add up!

  • Limit yourself to no more than two credit cards, and ideally just ONE.

  • Use your credit card ONLY as a convenience, and not as a means of buying things that you really can’t afford.

  • ALWAYS pay your monthly credit card bills on time.

  • Payoff your entire credit card bills EVERY month. If you can’t, you’re probably over-spending.

Getting your credit cards under control is just one small step you can take to create less debt and more money to save, especially if you feel like your non-essential spending is snowballing!

You need to know where all your money is, and where it is all going. Even if it currently isn’t in the positive state you want it. It usually takes a while to get into good financial shape, but intellicents is here to help you with every step to get you there.

Want more on debt? Take a look at a short video that provides you more intellicents on this topic!

Visit your local intellicents office for in-person assistance

or call 800-880-4015 to take your first step towards financial health.


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