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avoid potentially hazardous shortcuts!

Thinking about trying to “time” the stock market? Check out your odds! Missing just a few days of the market’s best days can significantly hurt investment returns.

Only 25 days out of 7,305 days determined whether you made money or lost money over the last 20 years in the stock market. It’s not what year you’re invested in a diversified portfolio of stocks; or even what month, or what week – it’s what days you’re invested.

Don’t get short-sighted when it comes to your long-term goals!

Keep your eyes on your original destination and away from any shortcuts.

Reviewing your current investment goals and objectives along with your risk tolerance is important in down markets as well as up markets. If you have any questions or concerns about your current situation, please give us a call at 800-880-4015 or send your advisor an e-mail.

Investment advisory services offered through intellicents investment solutions, inc., a federal covered investment adviser.


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