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don't touch your face!

We are in a bear market, and only time will tell its impact. If you are currently invested in the stock market, you’re likely seeing your retirement account down more than 20%…

So - what should you do next?

Let’s first deal with “what NOT to do” by learning from the worst bear market since World War II – “The Great Recession” from October of 2007 to March of 2009 where the stock market went down almost 57%.

So - how do we apply this lesson from the past to today’s pandemic?

Think of your 401(k) like your face right now... Don’t Touch It!

Reviewing your current investment goals and objectives along with your risk tolerance is important in down markets as well as up markets. If you have any questions or concerns about your current situation, please give us a call at 800-880-4015 or send your advisor an e-mail.

Investment advisory services offered through intellicents investment solutions, inc., an SEC registered investment adviser.


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