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giving directions to the right road for you

Your advisor’s job is to help you define your dreams, develop a roadmap to get there, weatherproof your investment portfolio by diversification appropriate for your dream timeline, and keep you on that road when the financial markets get rough.

Below are examples of five investment different portfolios ranging from “conservative” to “aggressive” typically designed for our clients. Diversifying your money based on your risk-reward profile is the critical investment decision to help you get on the right route to your permanent destination.

but how have the long-term trips been for these different portfolios?

The charts and explanations above are hypothetical and are not representative of any specific portfolio or manager and are suggested allocations for each portfolio allocation and risk type. Investors should consult their financial professional for more information on appropriate allocations for their situation.

Investment advisory services offered through intellicents investment solutions, inc., a federal covered investment adviser.


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