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Operation "Prove It"

Eight years ago, we embarked on a journey down an unchartered path to address the poor financial health of the American worker.  At that time, we did not have a single CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) on staff.  We had to build an entirely new personal wealth management business and tightly integrate it with our legacy fiduciary retirement and group insurance services.  And we had to put together a support staff unafraid of change. 


For the last several years, we have been building and beta-testing our intellisteps foundational financial planning program with several of our existing retirement plan clients.  With just age, wage, and minimal 401(k) data we can provide a personalized four-page foundational financial plan for every employee annually.  We are positioning it as a new employee benefit offered to all employees, and a replacement of their current worksite financial wellness plan which usually is provided by their 401(k) recordkeeper and has generally been a failure for most. 


Centered on people smarts plus great technology, intellisteps focuses on educating and advising participants on the core of their personal financial wellbeing – budgeting, debt management, emergency savings, death protection, and retirement readiness.  Its underlying premise is that we can’t expect tomorrow’s money to be in good shape if today’s money is in shambles.


Our clients’ input thus far has been very positive, and invaluable in guiding us to complete the following support service enhancements to our intellisteps platform in order to meet the participant “where they are at”:


·       A growing staff of 12 CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™ (CFPs®)

·       Email education campaigns

·       Educational video library

·       Monthly educational webinars

·       Participant investment newsletter

·       Onsite and/or virtual group meetings & one-on-ones

·       Comprehensive financial planning upgrade services

·       Aggregate retirement readiness report for the Plan Sponsor


We have already made further progress in 2024 developing additional key performance indicators for intellisteps, providing Plan Sponsors with credible data points on what promotes employee engagement and participation.  From there we can then recommend various strategies to “move the dial” of a workforce’s financial fitness…ergo “Operation Prove It”


We are now ready to introduce intellisteps to all our existing clients and prospects, show them the importance of a workforce that is financially healthy, how we can deliver a foundational financial plan to every one of their employees annually, and how we have put together the people and technology to support it.


Being a pioneer has never been easy.  It takes courage to be first.  Like many of the largest most renowned and successful business brands in this country, our just cause is to fix what is broken in our industry – to over-serve the Underserved American worker -- to make the world a better place – and to encourage others to join us in this crusade.


Brad Arends

Co-Founder & CEO

Intellicents inc.




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