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intellicents acquires group insurance team in the Twin Cities

July 12, 2022

intellicents has expanded its group insurance presence in the upper Midwest with the addition of the Odegard Benefit Services team.

“Our business plan is to build a national financial services firm centered on the employee benefits relationship,” commented Brad Arends, Co-Founder and CEO of intellicents. “Just think about it…the typical American gets the vast majority of their financial needs taken care of at their place of employment -- their income, the majority of their insurance needs, and their retirement all tied to their job, necessitating ONE RESOURCE for all of your participants’ questions. Toward this end, intellicents has put together four core services – fiduciary retirement plan services, group insurance services, personal financial management, and worksite financial planning…all supported by smart people and great technology, with the end goal of helping the American worker make their dreams REAL. This addition to our intellicents team strengthens our employee benefits prescence in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.”

“We are thrilled to join the intellicents team in their Eden Prairie office,” commented Jim Odegard. “We complement each other beautifully. We bring in an experienced group insurance team, while our existing clients can benefit from their retirement plan and financial planning services. It certainly helps solve the convergence trend of retirement, wealth, and health that is currently disrupting the employee benefits space nationally, plus it benefits the participant.”

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