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intellicents Employee Benefits Services Reach New Heights in Colorado with Addition of Jarrod Ferstl

May 15, 2024

Golden, CO -  intellicents continues to expand its employee benefits consulting prescence in the Colorado area with the addition of Jarrod Ferstl. Ferstl will serve as a Group Insurance Consultant with the mission of delivering innovative employee benefit solutions to intellicents’ clients and their employees.

“We’re extremely excited to bring on additional resources and pioneering solutions in the Colorado market to help carry out our overall mission of “over-serving the Underserved,” stated Tom Krusic, head Financial Consultant of the Colorado intellicents office. “Jarrod's expertise and approach to client needs are completely in line with our mission at intellicents.  As we continue to grow and solve complex issues for our clients and our community, we also continue to add teammates like Jarrod to strengthen our services.”

Jarrod joins intellicents as the founder of a no-cost CSR initiative that companies can utilize to increase the impact they have on their community. Ferstl continues to support these efforts and establish programs to increase resources for communities across Colorado -- striving to remove food scarcity and grow educational opportunities. His partnership with intellicents strengthens this mission, as he remains focused on bringing more resources to support the communities of Colorado (and beyond).

“My confidence to serve the companies and citizens of Colorado is at an all-time high now that I’ve joined intellicents,” emphasized Ferstl. “I’ll be able to collaborate with industry experts and experienced service teams, while still evolving community impact initiatives.  Merging with intellicents is a huge step in the right direction to actualize my dream of helping the underserved even more.”

The addition of Jarrod Ferstl marks a new chapter for intellicents in the Colorado area – adding insurance consulting to their comprehensive list of financial planning services they provide. You can learn more about Ferstl here, or reach out directly to him at

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intellicents Employee Benefits Services Reach New Heights in Colorado with Addition of Jarrod Ferstl

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