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intellicents Co-Founder, Grant Arends, wins Top Advisor by Participant Outcomes award

October 21, 2022

intellicents Co-founder and President of Retirement Services, Grant Arends, has been named the 2022 Top Advisor by Participant Outcomes (TAPO)! This title by 401(k) Specialist Magazine highlights the top people in the retirement advisory industry driving participant outcome results in ways that matter most.

Grant had previously been recognized as the monthly Top Advisor by Participant Outcomes by 401(k) Specialist Magazine this past July here. On October 18th at the Wealth@Wor(k) conference in Las Vegas NV, the 12 finalists for 2022 were brought to the ceremony’s stage and Grant was awarded the 2022 winner.

“First of all, I didn’t win this award,” emphasized Grant Arends after being announced. “This award was won by our entire team, and I was just the lucky one that got to accept this award on behalf of the entire intellicents family.”

A running theme throughout this year’s TAPO finalist group was a strong focus on helping traditionally marginalized communities save for retirement, something Arends also referenced in his acceptance speech. “This is the most meaningful award our team could win because it recognizes our firm’s mission of ‘over-serving the Underserved’ and how that should be a mission for our entire industry,” commented Grant. “This award was not for choosing great investments or for fiduciary due diligence on behalf of our clients – all important stuff. Rather, this award was solely focused on delivering the only results that matter. Better retirement outcomes for the plan participants that we serve!”

intellicents is focusing their entire services offering around holistic financial planning for plan participants. The firm can deliver a foundational financial plan for every single employee via traditional paper, digitally, and smart phone app without even having an initial conversation with a participant. This is then the foundational starting point that intellicents uses to engage directly and personally with these participants -- with the goal of providing a plan not only for tomorrow, but for today as well.

“We recognize that people are a mess with tomorrow’s money because they’re a mess with today’s money, which obviously then impacts outcomes,” Arends said in his nomination profile. “intellicents isn’t a great fit for clients who want to check the box. We’re a fantastic fit for employers that take a paternalistic attitude towards their employees. They realize their most valuable asset is their people, and if they hire us for that reason, they see incredible results.”

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