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intellicents Tells the Customer Story with New Brand Anthem Film

February 15, 2018

intellicents, a pioneer within the investment management and employee benefits community, announced its new social media focus with the release of its Brand Anthem video titled “what’s your dream?” in an effort to tell the story of “who we serve.”

The typical American gets the vast majority of their financial needs taken care of at their place of employment. Toward this end, intellicents has put together three core services – retirement, group insurance, and wealth management - all supported by smart people and great technology, with the end goal of helping the American worker make their dreams real. “what’s your dream?” captures the heart and soul of that dream.

“Our print collateral and website are all focused on who we are and what services we provide,” said Brad Arends, CEO of intellicents. “Our social media strategy will dive deeper, humanize the people we serve every day, and tell their stories.”

This approach is the brainchild of the firm’s brand manager, The Marketing Plant, in Albert Lea, Minnesota. Together, the two companies worked with the cinema crew from acowsay cinema out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, on the production of the video.

“We love working on the intellicents brand,” said Cole Thompson, Creative Director at The Marketing Plant. “It is rare to find a CEO like Brad with such a creative vision, and these stories aren’t about intellicents, they’re about people - yet the stories also reflect back to intellicents’ mission. It takes a brave brand to do something like this, and it’s refreshing to be a part of it.”

“’what’s your dream?’ is a film that captures the heart and soul of the American dream,” said Tyler Eichorst, owner of acowsay cinema. “intellicents is an organization that values relationships, and by telling the story of who they serve, puts people over products. It was a pleasure to work with a firm that shares our values and appreciates the power of storytelling to connect with people.”

“We will be using video more-and-more in our marketing efforts”, added Arends. “We will continue to dedicate a significant part of our marketing budget to it.”

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