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Grant Arends
co-founder & president

Grant brings his passion for new life experiences and demand for quality to an organization with four distinct yet complementary business lines, and a service model necessitating the marriage of people smarts plus great technology.  In a word, he is our Integrator – in charge of turning our dreams and ideas into reality for our clients.

With a heavy background in both the Plan Sponsor and Participant experience, Grant has a firm understanding of what each expects, and brings that to the execution of the intellicents mission of “overserving the underserved.” And his longing for travel and his next adventure led to him opening our first branch office in 1998 in Kansas City – which has become a model for what intellicents intends to do nationally by integrating wealth management within a retirement advisory practice via worksite financial wellness.

Now, he is hitting rinse & repeat with our new office in Denver.  His gregarious personality, love of all things “social,” and firm belief in all making time for “play,” brings an attitude of “fun” to the intellicents experience for clients and our teammates alike.

A graduate from Iowa State University, Grant has a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and also holds minors in Economics and Political Science. He has over two decades of experience in the retirement plan industry and loves helping his clients improve the daily lives of their most valuable asset – their employees.


Offline, Grant chooses the accumulation of “experiences” over “stuff.”  That includes “adulting” with his wife and adult children, spoiling his dogs to death, listening to live music on land and at sea, scaling whatever obstacle (preferably a mountain) that is in front of him, and experiencing the world through both fun and service.


Grant is also passionately involved with international missions. He frequently travels to Africa to volunteer his time his time assisting in the installation of shallow water wells in the most remote areas of Malawi. He generally works in Africa in 30 day increments installing these water wells through a non-profit organization - Marion Medical Missions. To learn more about this incredible ministry please visit

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