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Do you have an “open wound” in your budgeting process every year while you wait for your dreaded health insurance renewal?  Are you tired of the annual “juggle” of your health insurance costs where you either pay more, change carriers and plans, limit coverage, shift costs to your employees, or a combination thereof?

none of these are long-term solutions!

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our 5-step process
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intellicents has a 5-step process for gaining control of your organization’s health insurance costs.

step one

accept these undeniable truths

Health insurance is extremely frustrating for most employers. For many, it is their LEAST favorite thing to work on. But it is your most-used benefit by your employees and their families! Understanding how it works can point you in a direction for long-term solutions.

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step two

put your team together

Controlling the cost of your corporate health insurance program is actually a team effort, and the key is to understand and coordinate every teammate’s responsibility.

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step three

plan design that emphasizes consumerism

Do you want to get your employees engaged with you to fight the battle against rising health insurance costs? Put them in charge of some of the money by considering the following cost savings strategies:

step four

implement a wellness plan

The vast majority of your employees do not understand that their health, and in many cases their poor lifestyle choices, affect their health insurance premiums.  Most of your employees do not shop for high-quality, lower cost health care providers or prescription drugs. Many of your employees do not understand how taking a long-term approach to their annual health insurance choices could save them literally thousands of dollars over the next five years. Your employees desperately need not only a physical wellness program, but also financial wellness education and advice.

step five

participant advice

This is your most expensive benefit program, the cost of which is determined by your employees’ behaviors and actions.  What kind of help are you giving them?


client support services

participant education

participant advice

an intellicent service structure

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an intellicent service structure


To do this it all starts with great people, and then we complement them with progressive technology solutions – with the underlying goal of becoming your partner in delivering an employee benefits program that helps attract and retain your most valuable asset... your employees.

Your Consulting Team 

Their job is to help you build an employee benefits program that not only fits your corporate budget but makes you a great place to work.  They will assist you in defining goals, determining your funding strategy, analyzing and putting together the supporting cast of carriers / administration, developing participant education and advice campaigns to accomplish those goals, and delivering progress and benchmarking reports to you.

Your Relationship Manager

Has the same training and licenses as your consulting team, but tactically is responsible for the day-to-day execution of the strategies put together to deliver a comprehensive employee benefit program.  They typically will lead all participant education and advice efforts, plus can be your advocate for nagging or chronic issues with your carriers and administrators.  Accordingly, they also take the lead in the annual renewal process.

Personal Financial Management Team

Their job is to help your employees become financially fit, taking a more holistic approach to their overall financial situation.  Accordingly, they would typically lead any workplace financial wellness initiatives you elect to implement, including detailed financial planning for your people, and be a resource for your participants’ benefits and HSA investment questions.

Personal Financial Management Chief Investment Officer

Dedicated specifically to designing “intellicent” investment strategies for HSA utilization and holistic financial planning for your participants.

Client Services

Our dedicated internal staff for the fulfillment of required benefits information for your employees and employee education material.

participant advice services

Find out how we assist the participant with the one thing they really want. Advice.

participant education

1. Participant group meetings

  • Plan specific enrollment group meetings

  • Choosing the “Right” Health Plan to Fit Your Family’s Needs and Budget

  • “Maximizing” Your HSA

  • The Cost of Poor lifestyle Choices

  • The importance of your physical wellness plan and onsite biometric testing

  • intellicents university financial wellness program

​2. allmybenefits shopping center

client support services


hr support

  1. allmybenefits shopping center

  2. Vendor Management

  3. HR Automation for Benefits Eligibility, Enrollment, Billing, and Administration

  4. Supporting ERISA Documents

financial support

  1. Benefit Marketing and Brokerage

  2. Vendor Negotiation

  3. Defined Contribution Approach

  4. Consumer-Driven Plan Design Strategies

  5. Network Analysis

  6. Claims Analysis

  7. Alternative Funding Strategies

  8. Private Clinic Feasibility Study

cost saving strategies for your group insurance program

Taking a Defined Contribution Approach

Learn how to take away the annual “juggle” of your company health insurance cost. Each year you either pay more, change carriers and plans, limit coverage, shift costs to employees, or a combination thereof. None of these are long-term solutions. Instead of giving your employees a “one-size-fits-all” or limited benefits program, why not just give them money to buy the benefits that they actually need and that fit their budget. Think about the approach you take with your retirement plan. You set a contribution amount, put together a menu of funds, and then it’s up to your employees. You can take the same approach with your other employee benefits, and we can show you how.

Start a Private Clinic for Your People

One of the new cost control techniques that many larger employers are implementing is to work with a health care provider to set up an onsite private clinic/pharmacy for their employees and dependents, which can result in significant savings. AND…smaller employers can actually band together to set up their own private clinic/pharmacy. We have assisted with several and employees love it.

Consumer-Driven Plan Design Strategies

It is mission critical that you engage your workforce in the battle to control the cost of your health insurance program. Your employees and their dependents are the actual users of your health insurance, it is their medical bills that determine the total cost of the program, and nothing will engage them more than putting them in charge of some of the money that you devote to your health insurance budget each year. You then incentivize them to become better “shoppers” of their health care by encouraging them to select a less expensive Health Savings Account-eligible consumer-driven health plan. Obviously, employee education and advice is critical. We can show you how we do that.

Alternative Funding Strategies

Analyze the potential cost savings verses the risk of partially self-insuring your health insurance program instead of fully insuring it. Is a Health Reimbursement Account or VEBA right for your organization? Our experienced Health Insurance Consultants can help you with this analysis.

Claims Analysis

What are the cost drivers in your company’s health insurance program? Do you have access to reliable health care benchmarking data? Do you have the tools you need to make educated plan design decisions? Learn how to detect problems with medical utilization or plan cost, isolate the root causes of problem areas, and create money-saving solutions.

Potential Cost Savings via Network Analysis

Insurance companies play a key role in helping to control the cost of health insurance by negotiating network discounts with doctors, clinics, and hospitals in your geographic area. These discounts can range from as little as 3 - to - 5% on many services, to as much as 30 - to - 40% on these same services by an alternative health system. Since your health insurance costs are determined by your anticipated health care bills, an analysis should be done on the potential savings, and plan design and education strategies developed to push your employees and their dependents to these less expensive health care providers. We can help you with that.

Gaining Efficiencies Through a Private Benefit Exchange

Employee benefits are complicated today, actually becoming financial planning issues for your people. See how the use of contemporary technology with an online Personal Benefits Shopper combined with one-on-one consultations with experienced advisors can simplify the decision-making process for your employees. Plus, this technology not only gets rid of paper enrollment forms but can also send enrollment information electronically to your HRIS, insurance carriers, and benefit providers – streamlining your benefits program administration and helping your HR department go paperless.

The Key to a Personal Wellness Program That Actually Works

While the vast majority of your health plan’s claims are low cost office visits, 80-to-90% of the total dollar amount of your annual claims actually come from just a few conditions – heart attacks, cancers, strokes, premature babies, and major accidents, plus chronic diseases like diabetes and kidney failure. And many of these are due to poor lifestyle choices by your employees and their dependents covered under the plan. Let us show you how we can change these behaviors, thereby saving you money.

Bundling All Your Benefits with ONE RESOURCE

The more employee benefits services you put with us, the more your potential savings. Most employers work with a broker on their group insurance, and a different advisor on their retirement plan. Our team of professionals can be your ONE resource for all your employee benefits. Think the cable companies and volume discounts.

Are you getting these ideas from your current broker?