take out the annual "juggle".

group insurance consulting


the american worker has the vast majority of his financial needs taken care of at his place of employment. 

We can take away the annual “juggle” of your health insurance costs.  Every year you either pay more, change carriers and plans, limit coverage, shift costs to employees, or a combination thereof.  None of these are long-term solutions. Instead of giving your employees a “one-size-fits-all” or limited menu benefits program, why not just give them money to buy the benefits that they actually need and fit their budget?  Think about the approach you take with your retirement plan.  You set a contribution amount, put together a menu of funds, and then it is up to your employees.  You can take this same approach with your other employee benefits.


Our Consultants will help you set a “Benefits Budget”, thereby making your benefits costs predictable.  We will then use people and technology to work with your employees to customize a benefits program that fits their needs and budget. Think about it – you effectively get out of the “benefits business” --  and our surveys show that 96% of employees prefer to choose their own benefits rather than have their employer choose for them.



Our Group Insurance Services include:

  • Strategic plan design

  • Benefit brokerage

  • Vendor management

  • Vendor negotiation

  • Data analysis and benchmarking

  • allmybenefits Bright Choices Exchange

  • HR automation support for benefits eligibility, enrollment, billing and administration

  • Wellness plan design and communication

  • allmymoney® Financial Wellness app

  • Employee education and advice

  • Supporting ERISA documents for your group insurance benefits

service structure

You will have a lead Consultant or Consulting Team that will quarterback our relationship with you.  In addition, a dedicated Group Insurance Relationship Manager will be assigned to you to assist with day-to-day group insurance questions/issues and lead employee education/enrollment efforts.  They will be supported by a focused Group Insurance Client Services staff that provides report generation and employee education fulfillment.

At renewal time, your Relationship Manager will be responsible for compiling the renewal package on all your group insurance benefits.  After internal review and analysis by your Consultant, the finalized renewal package (including any necessary competitive bids) will be delivered to you in person for a thorough review.

hr support

Our allmybenefits Bright Choices® Exchange gets rid of paper enrollment forms; plus it automates your benefits billing and eligibility functions.  It can automatically transfer enrollment information to your payroll/HRIS, participating insurance carriers and benefits providers.  This includes not only open enrollment time, but also new hires and terminations, as well as mid-year changes due to life events.  It will simplify your monthly billing by providing a consolidated invoice for most of your insurance products.

participant services

Your employees can be provided an online Personal Benefits Shopper through our allmybenefits Bright Choices Exchange.  It guides them to select the right coverage for themselves and their family; and it makes it simple and enjoyable. 

The process is as simple as:

  • Complete a Personal Profile – They answer a simple questionnaire about their health, wealth, and personality.  Our “Tell Me More” education resource hub has articles, videos, and FAQs that explain insurance terms without jargon.

  • Shop for Benefits --  Next, the employee receives a personalized recommendation based on their answers.  He is then free to choose the recommended portfolio of benefits or continue to shop for benefits in the Exchange.

  • Ongoing Benefit Support – Once enrolled, the employee can access information about his benefits, track expenses with SimpleeONE, and make enrollment changes due to life events.

To complement this contemporary technology, our Consultants and Relationship Managers have the training, experience, and licenses to help your employees with all their benefits questions.  They will come onsite to conduct educational group meetings and meet one-on-one with your employees.  And our allmymoney® Financial Wellness app will assist your employees in getting their entire financial life organized and on track, thereby alleviating personal stress and allowing them to focus more on their job and families.  We can even put together a complete financial plan for them.

cost-saving strategies

We can help you save money on your group insurance benefits in a number of ways:

  • bundling – The more employee benefits services you put with us, the more your potential savings.  Many employers work with a broker on their group insurance, and a different advisor on their retirement plan.  Our team of professionals can be your ONE Resource for all your employee benefits.  Think the cable company and multi-service volume discounts.

  • efficiencies --  Tired of having to pull your people off their jobs for multiple group meetings and one-on-ones for their insured benefits and then for your retirement benefits?  Our team of professionals can answer all your employees’ benefits questions.  In addition, our Bright Choices Exchange not only gets rid of paper enrollment forms, but can also send enrollment information electronically to your payroll and HRIS, insurance carriers, and benefits providers – streamlining your benefits program administration and helping your HR department go paperless.

  • plan design  --  Taking a “Defined Contribution” approach to your entire employee benefits program can not only give you predictable benefits costs, but save you money.  Most employees don’t appreciate their benefits because they don’t know what you spend on it , and they have little or no say in what their benefits actually are.  Our Bright Choices Exchange shows employees how much money you provide them to purchase the benefits that they need, AND the total cost of each benefit option that you provide.  They immediately become more engaged, and, thus more knowledgeable and appreciative about their benefits.  People spend money more wisely when it’s their own.

  • benchmarking  --  Our Consultants have more than 160 years of experience in the benefits arena.  By comparing your costs against industry averages and competitor bids we have been able to negotiate current carriers and benefit providers lower.