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...the Underserved

The typical American worker gets the vast majority of their financial needs taken care of at their place of employment.


employers are overwhelmed with the amount of work and responsibilities they are required to do for their employee benefit programs.

30% providing hr recruiting, terminations and onboard services

26% maintaining 


16% developing hr

systems and practices

26% acting as a strategic business partner

hr professionals spend about 73% of their time tending to tedious administrative tasks.

what if there was a scalable retirement program that was:

cost effective, saves time, helps your employees, and increases participant outcomes?

Finance, operations, HR, or legal, your responsibilities liabilities and costs can be overwhelming.

intelli(k) can change all of that: Due to recent legislation, employers are now allowed to band together, joining forces with each other by adopting a Pooled Employer Plan.

we call it

a scalable solution for businesses to completely outsource their retirement plan needs and give their employees the tools needed to be successful in making their dreams real.

a new approach to retirement plans

save time, lower fees, reduce risk

We get’s hard work managing benefit programs for your employees. There’s a never-ending list of responsibilities.

Employers are choosing to bypass much of this workload by joining forces with other employers and adopting intelli(k):

  • Leveraging scale for institutional pricing

  • Getting back time via increased administrative outsourcing

  • Dramatically reduce liability with comprehensive fiduciary outsourcing

  • Reduce or eliminate audit expenses (if applicable)


roles and responsibilities

these days, we only need a couple things from you


you only need to provide a few details for each participant, and intelli(k) will take care of the rest!

  • Select and Monitor the Pooled Plan Provider

  • Provide Employee Census Data

  • Remit Payroll Contributions

...and that's it!


it appears to be an endless list of metrics that will need to be sourced by you and your team before the plan can begin.


contact your advisor today to learn more about

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