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administrative assistant

overland park, ks


Emily Cole joined intellicents in 2024 and serves as an Administrative Assistant for our Family Office division out of Kansas City. She supports us with everything from client services to marketing. If intellicents teammates are dreaming it, Emily is doing the logistics to make it happen. She is incredibly logistical and loves a good checklist, but also loves building relationships with clients.

education & certifications

Emily has been specializing in admin in some form or fashion since 2005 and has worked in just about every industry-- from public utility, to health care, to construction, to non-profit development.

my idea of

living the dream

I aspire to be a snowbird. I'm originally from Southern California, so "living the dream" for me would be to avoid "all four seasons" and just enjoy the sunshine, wherever it may be! I'd love to spend more time on a boat somewhere and never have to wear full-length pants ever again.

dream job

this is my

I'd love to be a corporate event planner. I've spent quite a bit of time planning amazing client events as a part of my job, but if that were my full-time job description, I'd probably never retire. I also have the huge privilege of serving on two committees with the Leawood Chamber of Commerce which has connected me with some of the best and brightest in their fields, who have become priceless resources for our clients.

this is how i

make it real

Outside of the office, I have three large dogs who I adore, I spend as much time as possible eating really great food, and I "accidentally" started a book club five years ago that is now full of women I love. I can't remember the last time I didn't have a novel shoved in my bag to keep me entertained while I wait for a table at a favorite restaurant.

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