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benefits & the CEO

ONE RESOURCE for all your employee benefits

"I'm tired of choosing the benefits plans for my employees every year."

Instead of giving your employees a “one-size-fits-all” or limited menu benefits program, why not just give them money to buy the benefits that they actually need and fit their budget?  Your employees then use allmybenefits® shopping center to shop for the benefits that give them the best protection for their personal situation.  Our surveys show that 96% of employees prefer to choose their own benefits rather than have their employers choose for them.


"Our employees don't really appreciate the benefits we provide them."

Your employees don’t appreciate your benefits because they don’t know what you spend on it, and they have little or no say in what their benefits actually are. Think about your retirement plan. You set a contribution amount, put together a menu of funds, and then it is up to your employees. Why not take the same approach with your other employee benefits. Our allmybenefits® shopping center shows employees how much money you provide them to purchase benefits. Your employees will be provided a Personal Benefits Shopper through allmybenefits® shopping center. They answer a few questions about their health, finances, and personality, and receive a personal recommendation on a benefits package that fits their needs and budget. In addition, our team of experienced advisors will provide one-on-one consultations to assist your people with their benefits questions and needs. Your employees immediately become better engaged, and, thus, more knowledgeable and appreciative about their benefits.

"I just need to get more of our product out the door."

Think of a long-term benefits strategy that provides:

  • predictable benefits costs

  • streamlined benefits program management

  • increased employee satisfaction

It all adds up to less time spent on sorting out your benefit needs, and more time spent on coming up with your next bright idea.

"I just want my employees to be happy. Isn't there someone that can help them?"​

We can do that for you. Together with our allmybenefits® shopping center technology, our team of specialists will come onsite and can answer all your employees’ benefits questions. In addition, we will provide them with intellisteps. that will assist them in getting their financial life organized and on track, thereby alleviating personal stress and allowing them to focus more on their job and families.

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