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financial planning

worksite financial wellness program

empower your employees' financial dreams

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the costs of employee

financial stress

your employees' guided

path to financial health

all the resources to get financially on track


full access to filling in all the financial gaps


worksite financial
wellness program


empower your employees' financial dreams

the costs of employee financial stress

employees at ALL income levels are stressed

4 out of 5 employees with high financial stress say it distracts them at work. Almost half who are distracted by their finances at work say they spend 3+ working hours each week thinking about or dealing with issues related to their personal finances resulting in...


156 hours/year

distracted from work

$3,922 cost/year/employee

for loss in productivity

19.5 days/year

in lost productivity

how intellicents can help

yes! a financial plan for every employee

Want to know how to engage your participants in a worksite financial planning program that encourages behavior changes around money? With a download of employee census data including age and wage, we can provide participants via email or hardcopy a foundational financial plan and program that includes

all of this

meet intellisteps -
your employees' guided path to financial freedom

the tour guide

meet intellisteps - your employees' guided path to financial health

guidelines for a

household budget


debt level

life insurance needs

emergency savings goals

retirement needs

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how to read your intellisteps
foundational plan

the tools


we provide a coordinated education campaign to meet each

of your employees wherever they are.

  • educational group meetings

  • one-on-one advice

  • videos and webinars

  • #800 financial hotline

  • educational emails

  • resource library

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exclusive access to our intellisteps journey resource library where employees can read, watch, and download additional financial educational tools to choose their own path.

choose your own path

the full view

integrated comprehensive financial plan

Our intellisteps plan provides all employees a look at the basics that form their financial health. For those who desire to fill in all the details, full access is always available to an intellicents financial advisor that will work with them to develop an integrated comprehensive financial plan for where they want to go,

and how they're going to get there.

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are you ready for the next step?

Investment advisory services offered through intellicents investment solutions, inc., an SEC registered investment adviser.

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