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financial plans for every single employee

We believe that financial wellness plans must go beyond education and coaching to truly ‘move the dial’ in the financial health of the American worker. They need and want advice, but before our advisors and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™ can do that, we needed to figure out how to deliver a foundational financial plan to every employee.

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on-site financial planning

or by appontment with an


age 25 - 54

age 55 - 65

said it was somewhat or very attractive.

According to a 2018 survey by American Century Investments, 73% of employees age 25 to 54 find it somewhat or very attractive if their employer offered holistic financial planning and advice as an employee benefit; and 66% of workers age 55 to 65 find it somewhat or very attractive.


simple set-up for total workforce coverage

With just an employee census containing age and wage, we can provide a foundational financial plan for an employer’s entire workforce. Employees can further engage with our advisors and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™ to provide additional details of their life, dreams, and financial information, and receive a holistic financial plan and ongoing advice on how to make it a reality.

lifesteps provides each employee rules-of-thumb on:

  • necessary emergency fund for the unexpected

  • family budgeting guidelines

  • maximum total recommended debt level

  • college savings requirements for both state and private schools

  • life insurance needs to protect against untimely death

  • disability insurance needs for unforeseen illness or injury

  • retirement needs to maintain the same lifestyle as they are accustomed to during their working career

  • necessary will & trust estate planning tips

And the more information the employer can provide about the employee’s family situation and current employee benefits, the more detailed the annual report can be.

“This is the key to employee engagement in your worksite financial wellness program.”

Brad Arends

Co-Founder and CEO of intellicents

intellicents is reimagining financial services for employers and individuals.  Through retirement plan design and fiduciary investment consulting, personal financial management, group insurance, and worksite financial wellness services they are paving a smarter way for the American worker and their employer.  With headquarters in Albert Lea, Minnesota, and locations in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, Pella and Lake Mills, Iowa, Overland Park, Kansas, Tacoma, Washington, Denver, Colorado, and now Dallas, Texas, they serve over 350 employers, with 50,000 participants, and almost $4 billion in assets under management and advisement. 

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