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personal CFO

overland park, ks


Brian Paulsen joined intellicents in 2024 as a Personal CFO based out of our Kansas City office. Brian focuses on high-net worth professionals and business owners.  As your “quarterback on the field”, Brian coordinates and simplifies all things related to your financial life such as wealth management, taxes, legal, banking, insurance, and succession planning – all while delivering this through our intellicents virtual family office.

Brian brings first-hand experience with the challenges our business owner and executive clients tackle daily. Prior to becoming a Financial Advisor, Brian was a technical executive for IBM where he worked with Fortune 500 companies to implement custom solutions within the finance, banking, and insurance industry. He understands the struggles of balancing your business demands, the demands of your employees, and the desire to be present with your family.

Brian’s two passions at IBM were the finance industry and mentoring – and now at intellicents, he serves successful business owners and executives to find that same balance in their lives. His goal is to define and integrate goals for your family, work, and finances -- then determine what it will take to commit to and achieve those goals.

Brian’s background in developing strategies that improve operational efficiency via technology provides an uncommon opportunity for our business owner clients to strategize for growth, while preparing their business for an eventual exit.

education & certifications

Brian is a graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia with a BSBA in management and an emphasis on Marketing.

my idea of

living the dream

My idea of “Living the Dream” is having a career you love that provides opportunities to experience life with family and friends. I thoroughly enjoy helping my clients navigate all their financial opportunities to achieve their goals. I always look forward to the next day at work. Living the dream to me is knowing yourself, knowing what is fulfilling to you and the ones you love, knowing your goals and having a plan to provide the balance in your life to achieve them all.

Financial freedom is when you have the opportunity to focus on what you want to do, rather than what you have to do. Amy and I achieved our financial freedom by living off of one salary and saving diligently for the future right out of college. As a result, I was able to achieve my financial freedom in 2015 when I retired from IBM at the age of 42 and became self-employed with the team at True Wealth and Company. I had always wanted to be my own boss, to control my own destiny. My career passions are finance and mentoring, so a transition to wealth management allows me to tap into both of those daily. Financial freedom also allowed me to achieve the balance I desired to be active in my boys’ childhood… being home for dinner, helping them with homework, coaching football and basketball. Financial freedom allows me to be home with my best friend, Amy, most nights. It allows Amy and I to be active in our community and with our amazing friends and family.

dream job

this is my

My dream job is exactly what I get to do every day at intellicents. I have been living my dream since 2015, when I retired from corporate America and began this wonderful ride as a personal CFO. I love the unique opportunities each client has in front of them and helping them to orchestrate their definition of financial freedom. I have the pleasure of being surrounded by the great team at intellicents and the opportunity to leverage my unique skillset to help steer our company to new heights by taking care of our amazing clients.

this is how i

make it real

Balance was the key that unlocked my dream life, so that does mean I enjoy my time away from work just as I do my time at work. Amy and I are both very proud of our boys, Grant and Nick, who are now both done with school and making a name for themselves in the insurance and animation industries, respectively. My best friend and co-captain through life is Amy, who I still can’t believe said “I do” 28 years ago (hard to believe how fast time flies). We are a dog family with two huskies, Koda and Kali. I am a football nut, bourbon aficionado with a passion for wood-working, landscaping, Jeep off-roading, golf, the beach and road trips.

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